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Newton Dialogues on Peace and War

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Mission Statement

Newton Dialogues on Peace and War Mission Statement

  • We are committed to the values of peace and justice for all people and believe that our government's policies should be judged by their fidelity to these values.
  • We are concerned that our government has too frequently responded to international crises through the use of massive military force and that such a response will, in the long run, decrease rather than increase safety and security.
  • We are concerned that there is so little active debate and discussion about the momentous choices and decisions that now confront us as a country. Democratic discussion and debate are the best expressions of patriotism.
  • We are concerned that the current response to terrorism deflects us from seeking justice and economic security for all people in our own nation and throughout the world.
  • We are concerned that our country has acted unilaterally, and we believe that efforts to prevent terrorism must be grounded in international cooperation.

Members of Newton Dialogues on Peace and War recognize that there are no simple answers to the problems that confront our nation and the rest of the world. We oppose both automatic support and automatic opposition to government policies and believe that democracy can flourish only if citizens and our representatives discuss and debate policies rather than simply acquiesce in them.

For this reason, we seek to promote public discussion, dialogue, and peaceful action, so that responses to terrorism and other challenges facing our country will be matters of public debate and subject to the democratic process. Only in this way will policies emerge that are grounded in the fundamental American values of peace and justice.

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