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The "History of Newton Dialogues" consists of two parts - a main document and an Appendix. We have broken the original very large document into two files for convenience.

The first part of the History is in a file named “History of Newton Dialogues - part 1.pdf”. It is a 6 MByte PDF file. You can download it by clicking here. If your system is set up properly, the document will automatically open in Adobe Reader. You will be able to read it or print it.

The APPENDIX is VERY LARGE (304 Mbytes)PDF file which will take several minutes to download. You can download the Appendix by clicking here (APPENDIX - file name is “History of Newton Dialogues - Appendix.pdf”). When you click on the link to download the APPENDIX a new window or tab will open in your browser. Click on the "Download anyway" button in the new browser tab to complete the download.

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Newton Dialogues on Peace and War was formed shortly after the September 11 attacks. We are a group of Newton citizens, united by shared concerns about the current crisis and by a sense of urgency about the many issues facing our country as a result of these attacks.
We believe that "The United States needs a new direction". While we acknowledge that there are no simple answers to the problems that confront our nation and the rest of the world, Newton Dialogues urges a new direction for the United States.

Click Here to see our full Mission Statement.

Get Involved
Newton Dialogues has a number of committees working on a variety of initiatives and upcoming events including  speakers, film showings, our web site, Alternative Views newspaper, taking actions against military recruiting, distributing literature and information about the war and its domestic impact, etc. If you are feeling that you want to move from the sidelines to a somewhat more active role (and even better, if you have an idea for a group action that you would like to be involved in), please contact us at and let us know.
Articles email list: Newton Dialogues has started a new email list for sharing articles about the War in Iraq and related issues. If you wish to subscribe simply send an email to ndpw-articles-subscribe@
. For those who are afraid of being overwhelmed by emails, we expect to be sending only one or two articles per week.
Photo by Ellen Shub

Join our Weekly Vigil - Still being held every Thursday, 5 to 6 p.m., corner of Beacon and Center Streets, Newton Center. We continue to bear witness to the wrongs that are being done, both at home and abroad, in our name. It is more important than ever to express dissent in a public way. Please join us.

This vigil has been held every Thursday since July 11, 2002.

Help collect signatures for Newton Dialogues Petition for a 25% Cut in the Military Budget.

Signatures are being collected at the Library, The Farmers' Market, and other sites. It's fun; it's easy. People are friendly and understand the importance of the issue. The military budget is impoverishing our country and diverting badly needed funds for urgent human needs. Please help.

Contact Jerry Manning at or 1-617-548-5264 for information on how you can participate.

You can download the petition and print it at home from:

Alternatively, you may read and sign the petition ONLINE at
and urge your friends, relatives, and associates to sign it too!

Newton Dialogues on Peace and War Supports the "Appeal for Redress", a petition to Congress from active duty service men and women to withdraw our armed forces and bases from Iraq.

The petition reads:
As a patriotic American proud to serve the nation in uniform, I respectfully urge my political leaders in Congress to support the prompt withdrawal of all American military forces and bases from Iraq . Staying in Iraq will not work and is not worth the price. It is time for U.S. troops to come home Click Here for More...
A group from the Appeal will publicly present their petition and active duty signatures to members of Congress on Monday, January 17 at 3:30pm. A good way to support them would be for each of us to let our congressman and senators know that we'd like them to support the Appeal by being present January 17. Calls to their office are most effective and emails are also useful. Contact information is below. It takes just a few minutes; please do it now.
Here's a sample message that you might send:
I urge you to publicly declare your support of the Appeal for Redress, a petition from active duty service men and women for the US to withdraw from Iraq. I'd especially appreciate it if you'd participate in the presentation to Congress of their signatures at 3:30pm January 17, on the Independence Avenue steps of the Rayburn Office Building.
More information about this effort (including making a donation) can be found at

Additional Announcements of Upcoming Events of Interest

Information about Cuba.

Repository of information about Cuba with links to websites and downloadable articles (in PDF format).

Amnesty International Activities

Denounce Torture: Stop it now!
Corridor at the Abu Ghraib prison, Iraq. ©AFP.
Denounce Torture: Stop it now!

Sign the Petition =>

Denounce Torture: Full Coverage =>.

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NEW CONTENT has been added recently: [Always check the Upcoming Events section for new Events listings]

Washington Post Article: Bush Says U.S. Pullout Would Let Iraq Radicals Use Oil as a Weapon The During the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, President Bush and his aides sternly dismissed suggestions that the war was all about oil. "Nonsense," Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld declared. "This is not about that," said White House spokesman Ari Fleischer.Now, more than 3 1/2 years later, someone else is asserting that the war is about oil -- President Bush.
Doug McIntyre, a conservative talk show host wrote "An Apology from a Bush Voter". I was wrong to have voted for George W. Bush. In historic terms, I believe George W. Bush is the worst two-term President in the history of the country ...
Seymore Hersh's article "The Iran Plans", describing the Administration's plans for bombing Iran with 'tactical' nuclear weapons has been added to the "Articles" section..
"Finding a Place in American History for 9/11" by Joseph J. Ellis recently appeared as an Op-Ed piece in the New York Times.
 An article examining the Civilian Death Toll in Iraq and why Americans have been kept misinformed about civilian casualties in the war, (inspired by the study published in the Lancet and presented at the Newton Dialogues Monthly meeting by Dr. Les Roberts, one the authors of the Lancet study) has been added to the  Peace And War section.  
 A moving statement about "heroism" and "cowardice" by Sgt. Camilo Mejia, who became a conscientious objector after serving a tour of duty in Iraq was added to the Peace and War section.
U.S. & Coalition Casualties Click Here  for the latest figures from CNN.

●A one hour film Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the War in Iraq  is available in DVD or VHS to borrow on DVD or VHS. Click Here for more details on borrowing the film. Click Here to see the movie poster.

Contact Information
Email: Send an email to  (OR Click Here to contact us without using email) to find out more about our group or to ask to be placed on our email list which is used to distribute information about local peace events.
Mail: Newton Dialogues, CompanyAddress.
Webmaster:  Send email to (or if your browser is configured to send email Click Here .
General Feedback: Click Here to send us a note without using email.

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